Tarek Francis

The Ikigai Theory to be an Innovative Tennis Coach and Club Manager

A Talk by Tarek Francis (Ikigaï Academy, Founder, Ikigai Academy)

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About this Talk

Build your tailor made coaching career 

and together let's invent the tennis of tomorrow

Questions for you

  • Do you spend too many hours on the field and only on the field?
  • Do you feel that you have been given the recognition you deserve?
  • Do you lack career prospects?
  • Do you feel a certain loneliness and routine?

Would you like to finally create a real balance between

  • what you would like to do, what would really thrill you
  • what you are good at, your natural talents, and what you do easily
  • what would allow you to be better paid, recognised and valued
  • and that would inspire more people to play tennis?

If you have answered yes to several questions,

I suggest you join the ikigaï coaches movement

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Free questionnaire and webinar


Free questionnaire and webinar


November 19, 2022, 09:00 PM

09:00 PM - 09:25 PM

About The Speakers

Tarek Francis

Tarek Francis

Ikigaï Academy, Founder, Ikigai Academy

Training followed: NLP Practitioner Training Communication and HRM training Marketing Training Adapted Qualified Sales Strategy Tennis instructor for 30 years AFT (French-speaking Belgian FD) Professional certifications: RPT, PTR, USPTA Tennis Cooleurs training levels 1,2,3 and mini-tennis