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Stacey Allaster is an internationally renowned sports and entertainment leader, champion of equality, and innovator in the

sport of tennis. Stacey is the United States Tennis Association’s Chief Executive, Professional Tennis and US

Tournament Director. Stacey is the former Chairman and CEO. Previous to the WTA, Stacey was the Tournament

Director of the Canadian Open. In 2021, Stacey was awarded the Order of Canada in the companion category, one of the

highest civilian honors in her native country. Additionally, she has been named by Tennis Magazine as one of the Top 50

Heroes of Tennis in the past 50 years, Forbes 50 over 50 Visionary, and a Sports Business Journal Game Changer.

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Innovation as a driver of the future of U.S. Tennis

November 18, 2022, 09:30 PM
Stacey Allaster