Fernando Segal

Synergize Sports - international sports innovation consultancy International Tennis Development Leader Speaker. Innovator. Consultant. Tennis Innovation Conference co-creator World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI Creator/Director The Tennis Talk Coaches Voices Podcast Series Creator (24 episodes in Tennis ONE) Multiple books Author

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Fernando has been working with several international tennis organizations to create a systematic way to develop tennis in very professional and structured ways. He helped like National Tennis Director of Tennis National Federations and like consultant also rot many others.

He wrote 11Tennis books. Some focused in

Tennis Development for Coaches and Tennis Clubs/Academies, others about

Training and Methodology.

He is Founder of Segal Institute LAB

entity which is producing a great number of tennis projects to developed tennis

in different part of the world.

Also, Fernando is helping many tennis

organization, academies and companies in their strategical plan to improve

performance in their teams and tennis projects.

Fernando also is co-founder of Synergize

Sports a international consultant company focused in innovation on sport and

who is organizing TIC 2022

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The Future of Tennis depends on Systematic Innovation - A Manifesto

November 19, 2022, 11:00 PM
Carlos Salum Fernando Segal