Cesar Andrade

Founder and CEO, Founder TennisAppSuite™

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Cesar is Founder & Chief Software Architect of TennisAppSuite™, app technology enabling exponential global expansion of tennis. Former executive at tech multinationals NCR, AT&T, Harris, and CEO at TerraComSortium, his firm focusing on business software architecture for clients around the world. César professional career centered in doing business information requirements discovery studies and corresponding architecture, marketing, and implementation of software solutions - designed to optimize and augment productivity of existing human resources at medium to large organizations in multiple regions including Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Read More section … In parallel with his tech business life, César adopted tennis as his lifestyle, joined by his son Marco. Together they began to play father-son tournaments, a great family-bonding experience worth sharing with other family teams everywhere. With support from the So-Cal USTA and a few partners, they founded and launched the Family Team Tennis Championships - FTTC. It achieved early success, attracting support of Billie Jean King and Delaine Mast, and branding the FTTC as a World Team Tennis program. FTTC went viral and run multiple events. However, its rapid growth and popularity became its own downfall because it was unable to absorb the paperwork, admin, logistics, and people communications or earn the income required to sustain

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November 19, 2022, 06:30 PM
Cesar Andrade

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November 19, 2022, 07:30 PM
Cesar Andrade